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An exceptional and very useful product for all who use notebooks and laptops, is being kept for sale at in a discounted price of Rs. 999/- instead of Rs. 1,740/-. The design of the gadget is fully ergonomic and the surface is netty, which makes this notebook cooler and perfect guardian for your notebook!Hot weather in different cities of Pakistan makes it hard to use notebooks and laptops. Keeping it always on laps for longer duration is not at all possible. The only solution is to buy a notebook cooler. The device has a built-in fan which will easily break up the heat or air away from your laptop and keep the coolness in for longer times. It will cool down the hotness of the laptop so that you can use it without stoppage. This cooling pad’s fan has an adjustable speed which you can set accordingly and cool your notebook without affecting its working performance. The cooling pad works by connecting it with USB plug-n-play feature. One more advantage of this pad is that it is not noisy and you won’t face noise problems while doing your office work that needs great attention. The cooling pad has a metal mesh exterior. It also has two anti-slip props with modifiable width for accommodating to different sizes of laptops including the widescreens.

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Product will be delivered from February 2nd 2015

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Free Delivery Nationwide

  • Desktop cooling application
  • Available in black color
  • Five angle stand
  • Moveable anti-slip props
  • Cooling pad
  • USB cable clips

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