Hard Waxing Beans (Stripless) - 2017 New Formula in just Rs.699/- (Delivery Rs. 200/- Nationwide)


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Ideal For Depilatory and No strips required. Can tear off the wax from your skin directly by hand after the wax is cold and becomes hard. Hot Film Hard Wax Beans Pellet Waxing Bikini Hair Removal Wax Brown Lavender Taste Depilatory Wax for Beauty Treatment is a new products and good quality products having these key features.

How to use:

Heat Up the wax in Wax heater till it melts.
Clean your skin, dry water, check the direction of hair growth
The temperature of the wax should be suitable for you (not too hot).
Apply a thin layer of wax along the direction of the hair growth.
After about 20 seconds, use the wax stick to start the end of the wax.
Quickly pull up wax along the direction of hair growth


  • Original formula Wax Pellets (Beans).
  • No strips or pre wax oil required.
  • Can be used on all areas of the body.
  • Can be dispensed into all inner containers.
  • 100G/ 250G/ 500G Avalaible